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1981-1982 (1982)

1981-1982 [or, FACTUS 8]

Having heard most of the tracks that composed this particular EP, up to now I had never heard what I call the official 'Mesh'. [In fact, I often thought that 'Cries & Whispers' was 'Mesh' because I bought 'Substance 1987' and believed it--until I uploaded it into the computer. Then the hunt began.] After an unsuccessful hunt, a friend *who I shall keep anonymous!* was kind enough to send me the song 'Mesh', and that sparked the hunt for FACTUS 8.

It's finally come to this--as of today, I have FACTUS 8.

The first song, 'Temptation' gave me a slightly new outlook on the song after the first listen. Originally I thought it was going to sound like what I heard on 'Substance'. And boy, was I wrong! I actually like this version a thousand times better than the version I was used to hearing.

Track two, 'Hurt' has always, like on 'Substance', found me singing [and merely GIGGLING!] along to the song. It's pure infectious post-Joy Division dance-friendly pop. 'Nuff said there.

Which takes us to the eponymous 'Everything's Gone Green', one of my all-time favorite Order songs. Turned it up full blast. Never tire of it. I hear the familiar first few seconds, and it's bound for the dance floor! I kid you not.

'Procession', another all-time favorite Order track, is beautiful simplicity with the guitars, bass, synths and drums. Best bit is the lyrics. Because, come on: 'There is no end to this...' 'Life is strange, and life keeps getting stranger every day' *which is SOOO true*, 'Your heart beats you day and night!' [I always catch myself singing along to that line. Every time!]

And that leads up to my new favorite pre-'Power, Corruption & Lies' song [which was once 'Procession'!!]: 'Mesh.' This is probably a very underrated song [as in, only up until around last month had I heard of this song!!!], but it is very, very beautiful. The beat is addicting, the synths and guitars and the bass just blend in perfectly. The lyrics are awesome. And for a 3-minute goth pop song, it works just perfectly.

All in all, definitely one of the best EPs I've heard in a long time. Definitely worth not skipping a track.

...and yes, 'Cries and Whispers' was what 'Mesh' was labled as on FACTUS 8. Now get over it! Yes

~ Jenn ['Sunshine']

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