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CommunityEP (2004)

Dream coming true

Ah, this is my baby, how can I not like it

This one I never had the chance to hear the final master completly, as Mr Bentley is a perfectionnist (who took a break from NOOL since it seems )that was never satisfied with the result.

Well, I've been happy with all his iterations anyways, but I won't tell him, what do I know

The artwork was my own artwork submitted for the contest, I'm happy to see it there, at first we wanted to but Carlos & Alejo's design as well, but due to picture resolution, and the fact that Alejo is on 40% of the album, we decided to go with this one, and I'm quite happy with the look.

Of course nobody knows, but the liner notes are from Chris Nash and well, everybody knows about our mistake my mixing the order of Love Less and Temptation, but I'm fine and I'm ok with it, it could have been worst.

Even if I wrote a good part of what's in the booklet of both album, I sure hope it'll pass the test of time It's hard to do this, especially when you fear of doing mistakes that will be there forever, but you have to go on, and well, I'm happy with the final result.

As for the music, I am very happy, the EP was a personal project that turned out to be a producers' project, and I'm quite please.

almanso's Ceremony is the reason Community exists, the version is pretty well done. Minus One's Dreams Never End was requested by many people who asked themselves why it was not on the album, so we added it there.. this is what happens when you have the same cover 2 times. Manumatic's Love Less almost made it to the album, and it's one of WenOrder's favorite cover. C Bentley's Temptation is pure class, my favorite of the Community competition, but I was honest with Chris, I prefered the original submission to this final mix, which is quite good too, but I guess I'd say the same if that mix would have been the first one, I fell in love with the original Now, Project Wintermute's Remix... Don't tell Alejo, but I prefer this version of Angel Dust to the original and I must say that from all the songs off the Community project, the Angel Dust remix done by Zoesch is the song that grew the most on me, that I press replay a lot of time when it plays, etc, it is my personal favorite of the whole Community project, and that tells you a lot when you think about it, because Angel Dust is my least favorite New Order track! Leave Me Alone? What can I say, I pushed Known Pleasures - sorry - Digital to be able to put it on the EP, I offered them the choice of the track they wanted to use, because I feel that Tim & Jim & Phil & am I forgetting someone? reprensents NewOrderOnline as a band more than everybody and it was a non sense not having them on Community ('nuf said, you'll understand why!), but I really enjoyed their Leave Me Alone, and it would have been my pick for the Album, but they decided not to put it in competition, so I managed to have it for the EP and I'm quite happy because I love their take! Nemesis, well, what can I say, I participated to the whole construction of this song by giving my opinion, I thought we had a winner with a version done with Alejo's vocals, then Mr Bentley managed to do a little miracle of a version that sounded better with Sophia's vocals, and I believe it's a quite well done track... I'm very happy to have been involved a little in this, I should have credited my hard drive for that track Think about it, the band has 2 members, one in Greece, the other in Argentina, the sound engineer/mixer was in the US, and everything was on a hard drive in Canada... is there something that represents the spirit behind Community more than this?

almanso - Ceremony

Humming? wait, this isn't Patience by Guns'n Roses right? We know the story behind this, Alejo had to do it live, all by himself, and he managed to do it right! Sure, not everybody will like the humming, but.. I'm starting to believe you can't do a bad version of Ceremony, as I voted for Sismundi's cover in my top 15 as well... This is one of the 2 reasons why the EP exists.

The Minus One - Dreams Never End

Sometimes, you regret you have to eliminate one when you have 2 covers of the same song, isn't it? It didn't go to face-off, but I was fearing this, because this version is great, even though I prefered Flight's version, and voted for We All Stand. I just can't believe I know somebody in Greece, and sent them to see Hooky

Manumatic - Love Less

First of all, I love the original, musically the song is good, and it was my 15th and last pick for the selection, my only concern were the vocals, it felt like they were processed or something, I never asked Michael is this was on purpose, of if it was the way he sounded It's one of WenOrder's favorite, hence why it's on the EP, as well as a pick from the 3 producers for the final tracklisting.

C Bentley - Temptation

Chris, I never told you, but sometimes, you worry too much and work too hard. The first version was amazing, this one is good as well, but you should have stayed with the original submission This is my #1 track of the Community contest, I was pretty disappointed by the fact it got eliminated in the early rounds, and I *HAD* to do something. So there you go, EP just for you

And please don't get me wrong, this version, and the other mix you submitted "in between" were top class and very good as well... the important thing is how you feel about it

almanso - Angel Dust (Evil Dust Machine Remix)

Well, I though I did a good remix, I heard it I said "well, not sure".. then I pushed Dorian to deliver his remix because I was quite sure it would be great.. and it was.. but each time I listened to Zoesch's remix, I liked it better than the time before, and it went on and on, and now, I'm proud to say my remix competition idea turned to deliver my favorite song off the whole community project!

Zoesch, you have talent to produce music, exploit it! I hope if we every do Community 2 you will find time to help a few people around, because you took a pretty good cover and made it even better... of course, from the artist's point of view, they might not agree, but I believe this version kicks ass, I have no idea how you managed to do it so quickly, and it's probably the first time I like vocoders thoughout a song!

Known Pleasures - Leave Me Alone

Too long? So what? Too close to the original? So what? It's good! That's all that matters. I heard Chappaquiddick Skyline's cover tonight, and I'm glad to say, this one is no longer my favorite cover of Leave Me Alone!

Nemesis - Crystal

Alejo or Sophia? Sophia or Alejo? Who the hell should sing this track? Sophia wanted Alejo, Alejo wanted Sophia, Mike wanted Sophia, I wanted Alejo... then Mr Bentley came along and enhanced the song in a way that I switched side, Sophia finally give her nod, and this is the story behind Crystal.

It grew on me, but I heard to many version that I'm still getting used to the final mix This was our little gift on the EP, I hope everybody enjoyed it. I'm hoping to have Alejo/Sophia's approuval to put the "Nemesis mix" online sooner or later, so you can hear the version with Alejo on vocals.

Nemesis was "born" in Community, and we hope many people will follow their example and do some collaborations in the future (Community/2 anyone? )

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