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Community (2004)

Best tribute album out there!

For a New Order and Joy Division fan, this is without a doubt the best tribute album available on the market, I'd put the True Faith one in 2nd place. But I believe this is the first time we have a complete tribute containing New Order, Joy Division and even Electronic.

My implication was to help WenOrder and Alejo and finished to be a little more than this, and I'm quite please with the result. It looks VERY professional, which I'm happy with.

Even if I've seen the full artwork, a PDF file is never like having the real thing in your hand, and I must say I think Michael did a pretty good job. Of course, we could have added more information on each band, but we realized that it wasn't worth to invest (and increase the price) for 2 sheets more.

It's perfect! Investing more and put it in color wouldn't have changed anything IMHO. Mike told me about printing in pantone, I have no idea how this would have enhanced it, I like it the way it is.

Taboo #7's liner notes are funny, fit well in this book, and I hope Trevor will be happy to see his name there

As for the album itself, well, I've listened to mpeg4 music files of the mastered album since a little while, so no surprise for me, I must say knowing the problem George Cicci had all along, it sounds pretty equalized to my ears, knowning he had to work around due to at least 1 track being already mastered, it worked well.

I don't dislike the Angel Dust mix, but I still feel that the guitar solo is too weak in the mix, but will live with it...

Most of you people will find a few differences from the contest, Evaluna's track is completely redone, C Bentley's track is also redone, La Fin De Tout's mix is different since the samplings have been removed, and of course, Angel Dust is mixed differently.

I'm so used to it that I can't really comment on the music, I love it, even if those aren't my 16 favorite tracks in the project of course, I think it's a pretty good selection that makes a good album.

kREMLIN - Sooner Than You Think

I actually didn't mind the song until I heard this version, now I admit that I know the lyrics by heart because I'm singing to this one in the car. The music is wonderful, simple as it is. It was in my top 15 and I don't regret it, only complain is, why the hell do my wife doesn't like Andy's voice?

Captain Black - Procession

For somebody who joined "just for fun", and that didn't think the project would be that profession, it's a good cover version. Due to the demolition derby of tracks too close to the original, Mr Black must be proud of himself as he seems to be the only surrender with La Fin De Tout in that department I like the little guitar thing he added at the end, I'm almost puzzled now when I hear the original

Evaluna - Thieves Like Us

Well, it's a lot better without the glitches, is it? To be honest, it didn't make it on my top 15 list, but I was happy to see them there because it was our master engineer I believe Rachel enhanced her vocals on the final track, and it's a good song, I prefer the final mix to the original mp3 we got, and that's the only song I've never heard until the final album Thieves is not one of my favorite New Order track (yes Jeff, we know!), but as a matter of fact, this one is very listenable now!

Labster - Face Up

Nemesis' computer loaner Well, Ioanis, the only bad thing about your song is your own vocals, I believe that with real vocals, not so-much-passed-on-vocoder it would have been "club hit" potential... The only feeling I have is that the beginning is too long, it takes too long to get to the chorus, but do I like the chorus of that song...

Seriously, you should consider 1) learn how to backup , 2) rework the vocals, or ask Sophia to try something just for the fun of it, 3) Send demos around.

This take is most reworked cover we had, and I've been listening to it so many times, I don't really like the original, but hey, that's life

Project Wintermute - Transmission

Zoesch's a pretty good producer and musician, he managed to do quite good music on this contest, but unfortunately for him, most people didn't like his vocal takes... my vote was for his LWTUA, but I believed the best music was Temptation, though I think the vocals were not my type But it was a lot different from all other Temptation, that's for sure.

Transmission is ok, but again, it's not too different from Joy Division's one, I believe Captain Black's version was a lot more "different" in that department. It wasn't one of my pick, but Zoesch blow me away with his remix though, now when I listen to the music and arrangements he does, I'd be asking for a lot more... (we'll talk about it later )

Unfaith - True Faith

Well, the only local band for me! I like this version, because it's solid, but I believe somebody was right when he said that Eric, the singer, starts the song forcing too much on the vocals, so instead of being a crescendo, and increasing in power, it stays the same for all the song. This wasn't the version submitted for the contest, this one has real bass on it.

I enjoy this type of music, the obvious link would be Bon Jovi! I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea too, mostly muscled version of True Faith aimed to North Americans.

However, I like that they added a little melody, plus, I'm not convinced there is a better version of True Faith (beside the original of course) out there, so kudos to them!

Cloudless - Some Distant Memory

What? A tribute to Johnny Marr?

Well, the song is quite well done, I felt the original was too long, the edited version (1 min less) gets to the point and is quite ok. It wasn't in my top 15 because I feel like there isn't enough emotion in DJ Introvert's voice, and plus, it was missing my favorite part of the original song, the "bells ending" if you will

However, really professional tune, very well done, that obviously was never an issue with this song, it's probably the best recorded one on the whole project.

Slightlynarrow Soundsystem - Heart and Soul

Well... can you say too close to the original? I prefered True Faith, but felt it would lose to Unfaith. It's not bad obviously, but it's not one of my favorite Joy Division tracks for a start, so since it's very similar, it just feel the same.

Quite well done job though, no problem there! It's more or less the original that is a problem for me

C Bentley - In A Lonely Place

If Trent Reznor would have remixed In A Lonely Place, it would have sounded this way. Listen to David Bowie's remix of I'm Afraid of Americans, you'll see what I mean. I voted for Temptation, but Mr Bentley submitted 2 very good covers, so I was happy this one made it as well, and I did extra pushing to be sure to have Temptation aboard

Sure thing is, it's better than Bush's version But In A Lonely Place is a New Order song I don't want to play on repeat too often (original version I mean).

Dance Upon Nothing - Bizarre Love Triangle

Well, very good chorus, but I'm not a fan of the background noise, though it seems I'm used to it now, that's the only negative thing I can say about this track. Since I know it was done this way on purpose, and I heard the first version of the song, I can say it evolved quite well though, but I'd be very happy to hear a less noisy version. That's the main reason why I didn't vote for the track if I remember well.

International - The Perfect Kiss

First time I heard it, I didn't like it at all, and I was sure this one was heading for a critic massacre party. When I read all the positive reviews, I give it a second shot, and well, it made it to my top 15. Out of tune guitar or not, that's the way they wanted it to be, then so be it. I believe it's a nice version of The Perfect Kiss, a song I don't listen too much these days, but this version made me rediscover the song!

Flight - Dreams Never End

Solid. What can I say else? It's obvious Flight are a good musical band when you hear this, they can play, but Dreams Never End is not really the song you do to show your vocal potential, is it

The song sounds fresh and up to date, compared to the 1980 version, great job!

Spiral of Silence - Dead Souls

One of my favorite Joy Division track, I'm also a big fan of Nine Inch Nails' cover version. I'm the one who asked them to enter in the contest, but in the long run, I believe I'm not a fan of listening too many times to it, like I can do with most New Order material.. I need to take a break some times..

Of course, it's *the* track that was released professionnaly that is featured on the album, so I won't complain eh?

La Fin De Tout - 586

I miss the sampling, that's all I can say. I think you both did a great job with this track, it sounds more fresh than the 1983 version of course, but I would however have tried to change it a little, it's too close to the original.

But as I said, I prefered the version submitted for the contest, that's my word and I'll stick with it. But wait a minute? I HATE 586, how come I can listen to this one without any problem?

The Minus One - We All Stand

The biggest surprise for me was that they finished only 14th... come on, how many times can a band actually take a bad song and make it good? Best use of vocoder on this contest, my only critic is that Sophia has a voice that, like Delores from the Cranberries, I need to take a break from time to time, but I like... don't ask me why! The Minus One is also the only band I've heard original material from, and well, I like it... a bit sad that Sophia left, but if she can manage to do something with Alejo, then it might turn out to be very interesting.

almanso - Angel Dust

My least favorite New Order song of them all (Just hate that sampling!), turns out to be one of the best cover of the competition, but I prefered Ceremony though. The album mix has good elements, but I feel I'm missing something, the guitar solo is too weak at the end, hence why I prefer the original mix (and well, I prefer Project Wintermute's mix too, sorry Alejo!)

Digital --- Love Vigilantes

For something I requested, it turned out pretty good don't you think? I'd just critic the melodica use at the start, but the rest is superb, finally it looks like you had fun, and you just didn't copycat Kudos for a job well done! I was pleased to offer you this opportunity!

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