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Get Ready (2001)

Right, for whats its worth..... my opinion on Get Ready (i too waited until today to listen to it!)

1) Crystal

Best version of this track ive heard, excellent, totally New Order and totally my cup of tea.

2) 60 Miles an Hour

Good track, better on the CD than the ropey live version i heard on Fuji Rock Fest at the weekend. Quite atmospeheric at times, and very very catchy.... "Ill be there for you when you want me toooooooooo"

3) Turn My Way

i don't really know much about Billy Corgan (except he was on the Simpsons once) so didnt know what to expect, but am plesantly surprised....this has some soul to it....and i still don't want to wash my car (even though i did it this morning....frown)

4) Vicious Streak

One of my faves on this album, excellent. Sounds better each time i listen to it....and i also have a vicious streak so quite apt really......

5) Primative Notion

Was told by Hooky Monster that this was worth listening to....how right he was......
Brilliant track, another fave....this had me jumping around my front room early....which would have been fine but my Mother was trying to watch "Coronation Street"... razz (stick out tongue)

6) Slow Jam

Was expecting the worst, after other peoples comments, but was quite surprised, not the turkey it was made out to be...nice guitar sound to it.... not bad at all...it certainly beats arithmetic....

7) Rock the Shack

Again not as bad as i though it would be.... weakest on the album i think.....unfortunately its one of the catchiest...a bit like that old song... "I know a song that will get on your nerves, i know a song that will get on your nerves, i know a song that will get on your nerves, i know a song that will get on your nerves, i know a song etc etc etc etc"

8) Someone like you

I like this a lot. Real toe tapping stuff. one of the most New Order-y tracks on the album in my opinion. Barneys voice sounds great on this track.... and you know what, im having the time of my life too...

9) Close Range

Lovely heavy sound to this one...like the way Barney sounds here....can imagine listening to this in the car....

10) Run Wild

My fave on the album on the moment. Beautiful, fucking beautiful (perhaps im really an old romantic?!?!) I think its so good, i phoned Hooky Monster this evening (who was in the pub) so that i could play it to him, coz i knew he hadnt heard it yet. (He liked it btw) I think this a bleeding masterpiece, simple and touching, and all the making for a real classic. Desperately want to hear this one live. Has a feel of an Ian Brown track, but a zillion times better.....im going to have this track on repeat for a while methinks...."If jesus comes to take your hand, i won let go...." fuck, ive got a lump in my throat....

Well there you have it.... only my opinion, not everyone will agree, but thats what i think

FUCKING TOP ALBUM FELLAS! Im well chuffed with this one... hats off to the Order... im a happy bunny today! smile

Im going to live till i die, im going to live to get high......

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