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Get Ready (2001)

Ok, I think I have a little time before school and I am listening to it now....

60 MPH: This song has wonderful Hooky bass, probably the best! I think I am going to faint razz (stick out tongue) The lyrics a good and it is wonderful LIVE!!!

Close Range: To me this sounds a little like 60 MPH at first. Good chorus and I like the lyrics. Not enough Hooky though. I love the verse with the background singers, sounds really good.

Crystal: This is just a wonderful track and a good one to be the first single. The beat is good and the bass is awesome. Sound great in my car razz (stick out tongue) I love what they did with the video and it all blends together wonderfully.

Primitive Notion: This is one of my absolute favorites. Another song with a great Hooky bass line. Powerful and danceable song. GREAT GUITAR!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!

Rock the Shack: I wasn't too fond of it at first but I have to say after numerous listens I really like it. It sounds so good because he sounds so into it when he sings it. Very good attitude!!!!!!

Run Wild: I have to agree with you Liv on this one. This truely is a good song. Maybe it is because we are women but this is a wonderful song. Great melody. Nice calm song.

Slow Jam: The beginning of the song didn't get me but when the guitar came in I was hooked!!! Also I can relate to the lyrics. Very good song. Good passion.

Someone Like You: I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!! This is another favorite and it may have something to do with me being into D&B. This has a wonderful beat, guitar, and bass. I wish I knew how to play the guitar part (I am learning guitar). The bass sounds absolutely WONDERFUL in my car driving at night with no worries just singing at the top of my lungs.......We're having the time of our lives
We're lost in a cruel paradise. Someone like you can make me feel like I used to do. Return my heart, yeah, make it feel like it does at the start....WONDERFUL!!!!! (Oh did I mention Hooky's bass..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh)

Turn My Way: This is another wonderful track in my opinion. I am not a big SP fan, but I do like Billy's voice. I like how he starts the song, but I melt when I hear Barney's voice. The lyrics are going to be a classic and I can easily idetify with them. The chorus is how I think...how I feel....

Vicious Streak: This song is wonderful too... the lyrics are great. It is a nice soothing song that will get you into the NewOrder mood.

Overall I rate this album a 10!!! I love it and can't wait for them to play the songs live....


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