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Get Ready (2001)

I've been listening to Get Ready for a while (I finally got a damned
promo!) and I must say I wasn't too happy with it at first listening..
it was #1-2-3 and the rest was weak... but again, the New Order magic is
there again, the album will grow on you, and quite quickly I might add.

Crystal - For some reason, I was bored with Crystal with the edit we got
from the internet.. but for some reason, when I saw the video (and
listened to the single version) for the first time, I was amazed.. this
is truly a great New Order song.. I must say the ending is great, and
for some reason, the video gave me another dimension of the song. I
don't know if this song will chart as good as Regret, but it's a song I
will sure enjoy for a long time. Unfortunatly, there is no good remix of
the song.. all crappy dance remixes that *I* don't like.. forgive me,
but I prefer extended versions as remixes (like the New Order Mix of
Regret) and trully well done remixes such as the World Perfecto Mix and
the BLT 12" Mix. But I guess I'm from the "old bunch", people these days
prefer those dance repetive mixes... at least they are a lot better than
those on the (rest of) album.

60 Miles An Hour - I was surprised, this is a totally new version. I had
the chance to listen to the David Kahne mix, which seems to have been
lost somewhere, I'm curious to see if it will end up somewhere. But the
version on the promo is quite good too.. the ending is weird when you're
used to the other versions, but it's a good cut. This song is something
that really grows on you.. as for charts, I'm not sure this is a
winner.. but I'm not from the UK, so who knows.. but it's surely one of
the best tracks of the album.. Now, will the David Kahne mix be the
single version? I sure hope so.. because it's good.

Turn My Way - I wrote my review on this one a while ago.. this is a
instant love song.. but you might get bored of it.. so it's the typical
chart song! I'm not saying I'm bored with it, I still love it, but after
a lot of listening, I find that Bernard's voice is weak on the
non-chorus parts.. I played the song for 2 Smashing Pumpkins fans and
they did like it.. so I wonder what this one will do! I'm ready to bet
this will be the most popular song in North America from Get Ready,
which will not be the same in the UK...

Vicious Streak - The chorus will get to you.. I didn't like it too well
at first, but this one compared to "Ruined in a Day" in my head. Not in
term of song, but in terms of strength..

Primitive Notion - Actually, this one is.. trully good.. good melody,
good lyrics (what's with the zoo again?) and quite a good techno line in
the middle.. minimalist, but I do like this song....

Slow Jam - Actually this one was the first I downloaded in mp3 format...
I listened to it a lot, and I do like it a LOT.. when I listened to the
Fuji webcast, the song is not as good Live.. but this is really, for me,
a good song.. I do hope it will be released, because this song can have
a really really good remix to go with it. One of my favorite on the

Rock The Shack - I hated it.. for some reason, the way they say
"Adrenaline" and the "Rock the Shack" repeated so many times was scaring
me at first.. but guess what.. a lot of listening and I do like it a
lot.. it's been a long time since New Order did a real rock song.. this
is it... Imagine a Rolling Stones song with Hooky's bass, and you've got

Someone Like You - This is why I hate backing vocals, this song could
have been a lot better, but I'm not sure the backing vocals on the
chorus are doing well.. I'm pretty sure this is Gillian, and I'm having
a lot of problem thinking it's Bernard singing, I was pretty sure it was
Peter for a while.. well, at 3:00 in the song I was sure it was Peter
singing for a few lines until the "We're having the time of our lives"..
but again, New Order magic.. I like this song..

Close Range - Well, what can I say.. the music is great, this is trully
a good song.. but I do have a problem liking the chorus.. "You've got to
pull yourself together MAN".. well.. not sure I like it..but other than
the chorus.. I do like the song.. I'm pretty sure I will get to like it
after a while.

Run Wild - What the hell is this? *that* is not New Order at all...
well, it is now, but that's not at all the type of song New Order used
to do. "If Jesus comes to take your hand, I won't let go".. well, that's
not very like they used to do.. This type of song is U2 typical.. (Wake
Up Dead Man, All I Want Is You, etc..) but I must say.. this is the only
song that doesn't fit on the album... I'll have to listen to the b-sides
to see why this one isn't one. The high point of this song is Hooky's
bass, and the music at 2:50 in the song..but the ending "Goodtimes
Around The Corner" repeated until the end.. well... that's not my type
of songs.I must say, this one is a real surprise coming from New Order..
this is the type of song, I think, they never did!

Overall - This is, really, a GOOD album.. it's also a good car album..
even though 60 MPH is slow speeing here in Quebec ;-) (120 KM/H being
the tolerated limit). The songs go well together.. even with Run Wild,
because it's finishing the album on a slower tone.. (remember
Avalanche?).. now, is it better than other albums? Only time will tell..
how can I compare an album that I have since 1 week to the others that I
had for 10 years? It's not possible. I surely like it better than
Movement, PC&L & Low-Life, but comparing it to Brotherhood, Technique &
Republic.. I do think it's equals to those 3.. even if I rank Republic a
little under the other two. But again this is my opinion, not yours!
Some people like very much the first 3 albums, I do like them, but I
prefer the rest, I do enjoy Low-Life, but not ALL the songs like on
Technique for instance..

So, what this album will do? For a New Order fan, this is a must.. you
will not be able to stop listening to it when you'll get it.. unless
you're no longer a fan and evolved in your musical tastes.. this is a
LOT better than the last Depeche Mode album, and (forgive me) the last
Cure album. We've waiting 8 years for this, and it was worth it.. You
might think that I'm too optimistic, or that I can't say bad things
about a band I do a website for ;-) but nah.. I can say when it's not
good.. and I do like this album, we'll talk in one month from here and I
will be able to tell you if I like or hate some songs.. because this is
different with time.. If I had to do a CD of "best of New Order" right
now, I would add 4 songs, Crystal, 60 Miles An Hour, Turn My Way and
Slow Jam.. what would you do? well.. it's up to you!

As for, how much will they sell? Well, that will depend how much they
are willing to promote.. touring before the album is released is not my
idea of doing a good promotion of the album, but well, I do hope it was
only preparation shows for a real tour.. but again, to have a real tour,
they would have to add 5-6 songs to the setlist to make it a 2h show..

We'll see what will happen... I don't care much for record sales, but as
far as I'm concerned, this is what will get us more items from that
album (singles, videos, etc) and what may help New Order to get back to
studio next year ;-) who knows.. I like to dream!

Take care,

Nicolas LeBlanc

Source: NewOrderOnline.com (Spotnick)