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Get Ready (2001)

From Manchester City Life mag 22 Aug - 13 Sep 2001, typed out by Ian Collings.

NEW ORDER: Get Ready (London)
With a near triumphant return at Liverpool Olympia under their belts last
month and, from all acounts, a similar result at Mount Fuji rock festival,
New Order's first album in too long comes along to fevered anticipation
from a nation of thirtysomethings eager for a fresh fix from Manchester's
pivotal musical sons.
The first thing to note here is that since the closure of The Hacienda, New
Order obviously don't hang around the discos so much. But then again, would
you? As a result Get Ready is an album more concerned with the dynamic of
cranked up guitars than samples and the rhythm of the drum machine. So how
does this new variable affect the fragile equilibrium thats always made New
Order so curiously brilliant, so close to collapse and yet so towering?
Plainly, they've still got the songs. From the opening crash of 'Crystal'
to the closing ballad of 'Run Wild' this is still music that couldn't be
written without that ephemeral chemistry. Sure, there are moments that
tread water ('Someone Like You' could have been easily left off the final
album) but when 'Turn my Way' with guest Billy 'Smashing Pumpkins' Corgan
makes an entrance, all quibbles seem just that so direct and indisputable
is the mood and melody. New Order have found their passion again. Get Ready. 4/5

Source: Manchester City Life