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Re:Movement (2001)

Re:view of Re:movement

I've heard A LOT of newOrder tribute albums and this is by far my favorite one. While some of the songs suffer from some strong Japanese accents, the music MORE than makes up for it. These bands are serious students of newOrder and treat each song with the respect they deserve. In some cases, these versions are even possibly better than the orignals.

Track by Track:
1. Regret - Color Filter
Beautiful. Female singer, high, soft voice. Music is bouncy and full of sweeping synth violins. The overall song doesn't depart far from the original structure, but does have a different sound to it, less reverb on the guitar.

2. Your Silent Face - Rithium+3
Very good. The male singer needs to improve his enunciation. Female backing vocal adds some life. More plucky guitar than the original. The vocoder is replaced by more sweeping synth violins.

3. Leave Me Alone - Daffodil-19
Slowwwwwwwww. I didn' think this song could get any more somber, but they've managaed to do it. Very fragile this version is.

4. True Faith - The Primrose
At a running time of almost 9 minutes, this one drags on a little too long. Stripped of the speed and bite of the original, this version meanders aimlessly for long stretches of time and doesn't resemble the original very much. Some very slow and low cornet gets added in too and lots of distortion at the end. The body of the lyrics are spoken like talking, the chorus only being actually sung.

5. Blue Monday - Peltone
Actually sounds more like Ceremony at the beginning. About half way through it becomes a rocker and a screamer approaching the angst of a Joy Division number. The singer is from another Japanese band called Spin Cycle.

6. Love Vigilantes - Hideki Yoshiuma
Again, slowed down, this one is almost accoustic. The singer's voice is quite muffled. He also belongs to another band most of the time called Bloodthirsty Butchers.

7. Thieves Like Us - Nyeed
Epic. 11 and a half minutes. The music itself is well produced and very interesting to listen to, especially the guitar as they try to venture down different avenues musically. The singer has a strong Japanese accent at times. This song builds with intensity and then crescendos...and you get to hear the 6 minutes that follows the crescendo too.

8. Perfect Kiss - Capsule Giants!
AMAZING. AWESOME. INCREDIBLE. You should buy this CD just to hear this one song. This band is the head of the class. Fantastic bass and guitar lines, pace, timing. It's the fastest 9 minutes of your life. I can't describe how well they nailed this and added their own variations.

9. Ceremony - Salt Lake f. Waka
Interesting. Lots of reverb and low feedback to start and then picks up with some very nice synths. Another female singer (Waka from the band Seameal) adds a nice femine touch. The reverb washes away and you are left with very clear programming work. Overall, it does sound different musically than the original, but you won't mind at all.

10. World in Motion - Sugiurumn
GLORIOUS. Sooooooo much better than the original. For startes there's no rap. Nor most of the other football related drivel. A female singer just using the chrorus over a superb housed up piano line and excellent beats. It should be on all of your work out playlists on your iPods. This and the Perfect Kiss make this CD worth owning no matter what the cost.

Source: NewOrderOnline.com (devotee)