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Guilty Partner (4:21)
Performed by Alight
Remix of Guilty Partner done by Jean-Baptiste Bec
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Published on Sep 23, 2006
Age of Consent (5:22)
Performed by Electric Colony
This is a straight forward instrumental cover of one of my favourite New Order songs. With great respect I attempted to be faithful to the original while integrating ambient melodies in the background, it's all guitars and no synths. This is simply a personal tribute to the legendary music of one of the greatest pop/rock bands of our time.
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Published on Mar 05, 2004
Atmosphere (3:51)
Performed by Ocaso
Atmosphere was the song we always played in rehearsals. This song simply matched the spirit of the band. I don't think we have chosen, it simply came to us. We love Joy Division.
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Published on Feb 22, 2004
Ceremony (4:!4)
Performed by The Echoing Green
Ceremony has always been one of my favorite songs. Even though it's gritty and unpolished, it has an undeniable beauty about it. We tried our best to do it just with our version, and hopefully we were successful.
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Published on Jan 27, 2004
Bizarre Love Triangle (3:50)
Performed by Dance Upon Nothing
A slightly faster, thicker version of this classic with a little melody twist on the chorus. Here is a link to other mp3 songs by dance upon nothing: http://www.mp3.com/dance_upon_nothing
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Published on Oct 24, 2002
Shadowplay (4:37)
Performed by Flight
Here is a version of Joy Division's Shadowplay as performed by Liverpool (UK) based band FLIGHT (www.flight.org.uk). Flight don't usually do covers although we played Shadowplay, Here are the young men and Blue Monday as an encore liver recently.
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Published on Sep 29, 2002
Dead Souls (3:44)
Performed by Spiral of Silence
Spiral of Silence is a Belgian band, founded back in '91. We are often described as the "Belgian Joy Division" (might sound pretentious, but it's true!!). Tom (our vocalist) has a voice that is remarkably similar to Ian Curtis' voice. We played with people such as Gary Numan, Echo and the Bunnymen and many other on concerts in and around Belgium. Our sound is a combination of pop, coldwave, rock and others. In 1998 we released our debut CD: LEAP (Energeia Records, Italy). We will soon release a new CD, called DeCaDeNt. This CD includes one of our favorite Joy Division songs... Dead Souls.
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Published on Oct 16, 2001
True Faith (5:16)
Performed by Interface
This version was sent to us by the author. This song is now featured on the "Tribute to New Order" album on Cleopatra Records
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Published on Dec 28, 2000
Love Will Tear Us Apart (3:45)
Performed by The Cure
The song was broadcasted by the australian Triple J radio station. This song is the result of a contest where you had to pick a song and an artist - 10/25/2000.
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Published on Nov 08, 2000