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Memories of tragic Ian

(Dianne Bourne's Blog) - Published 2006-08-10 7:25:00 PM - 7:25:00 PM

THE filming of Control – the movie of Joy Division’s tragic frontman Ian Curtis – has left his former band mates with some mixed emotions.
After Ian’s suicide in 1980, aged just 23, Joy Division famously went on to become New Order – and the band have given their full backing to the movie of Ian’s life currently being made by renowned music director Anton Corbijn.

But when cast and crew invited the band to come and watch the filming, on location in Ian’s hometown of Macclesfield, it left them in a bit of a dilemma.

New Order’s bassist Peter Hook tells me: “We were invited down when they were filming at Ian’s house. But it just freaked me out. I couldn’t even contemplate going down there.

“I know a lot of New Order and Joy Division fans went out to watch the filming, but it’s something I just couldn’t do. It would bring back too many memories.”

Meanwhile New Order drummer Stephen Morris says seeing photos from the film set was a weird experience.
“When I saw the pictures it was a bit weird, I got a sort of creepy feeling, especially when you see Ian’s house,” Stephen tells me.
“We met up with all the stars from the film at a gig of ours in July, and they invited us down to filming, but I think it would have been a bit strange for all of us.”

New Order are to write the soundtrack for the new film – and will record for the first time in 30 years as Joy Division once again. And they’ve been helping out with some authentic details for the production.
“They are using my guitars in the film which I’m quite pleased about,” says Peter.

“And I’ve given them the coat that I always used to wear in Joy Division – unfortunately it doesn’t fit me anymore.”

Actor Joe Anderson plays Peter in the film, but the bassist says he won’t be imparting any advice on how to play him.

“It didn’t interest me when Ralf Little did it [for 24 Hour Party People], so I’m not that bothered now either. To be honest, I can’t remember myself at that point in time.

“The only thing I’m upset about is that my son Jack is just a couple of years too young to have played me in the film.

“He doesn’t half look like me, it’s quite uncanny,” he mused.

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