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Like No Other

An ordinary man was not much in demand he lives a quiet life his wife don't understand But underneath it all this is suburban hell he's up against the wall you know he's obviously unwell She didn't like the things he did he said that he couldn't live without her he made her cry just like a kid I think this prayer needs a transfer It's a fragile situation will he lose his head or make a change in his location and just go back to bed I'll catch you when you fall and if you stumble call this driving rain has got to end just call me when you need a friend Your life is down and out the flame is burning out and when you're down it makes me suffer you're a girl just like no other Sometimes he feels so small he turns to alcohol she doesn't like the taste but then it's better than his face This connection will not mend how I pray that you'll be happy but you're in a downward trend leave this place and make it snappy Just undo this combination you know it is up to you it's time you saved your reputation I think it's overdue People throwing lives around don't you think it's sad while half the world is getting on the other's getting mad people taking lives away don't you think it's sad while the world is having fun the other half is bad Chorus & out.
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